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Sports - Boxing | Boxing Facts | Interesting Facts About Boxing

According to the dictionary boxing is a sport of fighting with fists, also called pugilism and prizefighting. Boxing is the oldest form of competition that even nowadays its very popular everywhere. Many Pacquiao is one of the Filipino who won the world title. He is the well-known boxer that become very successful. I found an interesting facts about boxing.

Thirty percent of children between ages of 5 and14 have been injured at least once while playing a team sport, including 32% of boys and 27% of girls. Injuries by sport:
* 28% Football
* 22% Soccer
* 18% Baseball/softball/T-ball
* 15% Basketball
* 17% (all other youth sports)

Med Sports Systems in Iowa looked at data supplied by 246 different sources during a three-year period, 1995 to ’97. Of 23,566 injuries reported, 1,219 were identified as Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries (MTBI). The following is the break down by sport
* 64.0% Football (773 MTBI injuries)
* 10.5% Wrestling (128 MTBI injuries)
* 6.2 % Girls Soccer (76 MTBI injuries)
* 5.7% Boys Soccer (63 MTBI injuries)
* 5.2% Girls Basketball
* 4.2% Boys Basketball
* 4.2% (Other)

According to information that was cited in Cantu, Boxing and Medicine, Human Kinetics Illinois, fatality rates per 100,000 participants were as follows.
* Horse-racing = 128
* Sky-diving = 123
* Hang gliding = 55
* Mountaineering = 51
* Scuba diving = 11
* Motorcycle Racing = 7
* College football = 3
* Boxing = 1.3


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