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For The Love Of Biking

Biking is a fun sport activity that even a little kids can enjoy it. It is not only for fun but it will help your body and become healthy person. Biking is a kind of exercise that have a very great benefits to our body. It will lower the cholesterol of your body, lower your blood pressure, it will reduce the risks of having coronary diseases, it will increase your calorie for your body and many more things biking can help each one of us. Well, the pictures below are my kids. I am the only one did not know how to bike...

9 months Nathan
5 yrs. old Chris


  1. I love biking! so fun and great exercise! I really loved it as a kid, too.

    I am your newest follower via GFC and I love your blog! I hope you can check out my blog sometime too, and follow back if you'd like! :)

    Have a great week!

    Sarah Kay